Make A Record With Me

It’s been five years since I made my last record. That’s a long time. Sorry about that. I got a little distracted.

But you’ve stuck with me – Thank you – and over the last five years we’ve done a lot together.

We launched a blog together.

We prayed my son out of a hospital and my family out of our big house and cancer out of my sister-in-law’s eye and me out of depression.

We’ve fought over war and Halloween and yoga.

But laughed far more – about doobies and business socks, that unfortunate situation in Target, select portions of the bible…and yoga.

We’ve been around the world together. From Uganda to India we played with children, marveled at heros, found some perspective.

Across North America (and sometimes Ireland), you and I have mobilized Christians to live more simply and give more extravagantly.

Together God’s used us to release more than 15,000 children from poverty and just as many sponsors from wealth in only five years!

But we’re not done.

Now I’d like to make a record with you.

We’ll start by raising the $21,000 necessary to record – to hire musicians, rent a studio, secure a producer and engineer. This is the cheapest recording budget of all my records so far, made possible by a down market and lots of favors from my friends here in Nashville.

We’ll be raising the money through and their genius reward system. Those donating $5 get a pre-order copy of the CD. The person who gives $3000 gets my electric guitar. And there are rewards for every level of giving in between!

I don’t have a record label, sure. But I’m not an independent artist. I’ve always been dependent on you. And never more than now.

Go here to help out.

Thanks in advance for spreading the word, praying, and giving. Let’s make music together! And a lot more change.