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Eyes To See

I don’t use exclamation marks unless it is completely called for, so…You are going to love this! You need this! Your church needs this! And it’s FREE!   Eyes to See is a FREE six week devotional and video series created by Compassion Canada to help us see God, ourselves,… Read More

How I Got SICK

“Have you been hacked?” someone asked. “I can’t believe you’d actually post this,” said another. No, I have not been hacked. Yes, I am actually manufacturing a slightly inappropriate card game for kids. And here’s how that happened…   I struggle to buy gifts for my nieces and nephews. What… Read More

Come Study 1 Peter With Me

Starting Wednesday, September 6th, I’ll be teaching through the book of 1 Peter using Facebook Live over on my page at We’ll get started at 7PM CST (If I can figure the technology out). If you can’t make it, no problem – the video will be saved so you… Read More

Making Real Peace

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God.” – Jesus (Matthew 5:9)   We cannot fear conflict more than we desire peace.   Peace has to be made. The making process sometimes creates friction, resistance, disagreement, debate. This is the only way some peace can… Read More

Tyler’s Choice

She pulled up a chair and the stories and laughter began. She’s beautiful and bubbly, a good mom and wife and friend with a gift for spinning a tale. She had a “hilarious” one to share, she said. A couple of men with dark skin were touring the home for… Read More

Your People Will Be My People

The trains pulled into the station after nightfall. Soldiers with machine guns stepped onto the platforms and from there streamed throughout the city, the region, and eventually all of Bulgaria. For eight days the SS soldiers hunted house to house, rounding up Jews, herding them back to the train station… Read More

Heroic Love

The penalty for escaping from Auschwitz was steep and cruel. For every man who escaped, ten would be executed in his place. And so it happened that one morning the count came up one man short. The prisoners were called to the yard, standing in rows – bags of bones… Read More

Yet, God Sees Me

We stomp our feet against the red Kenyan clay, dancing arm-in-arm from the van to the church. The women, with babies tied to their backs, sing in Swahili about how good the day is simply because God gave it and gave them visitors. We bend low and the women sing… Read More

Persuasion Tip: Don’t Prove Their Story True

Everyone has a story in their head about you and your group. Understand what that story is. If it’s wrong, don’t give them proof that it’s right. For instance, here’s the story some people tell themselves about child sponsorship organizations: These charites manipulate people into making an emotional decision to… Read More