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Your People Will Be My People

The trains pulled into the station after nightfall. Soldiers with machine guns stepped onto the platforms and from there streamed throughout the city, the region, and eventually all of Bulgaria. For eight days the SS soldiers hunted house to house, rounding up Jews, herding them back to the train station… Read More

Heroic Love

The penalty for escaping from Auschwitz was steep and cruel. For every man who escaped, ten would be executed in his place. And so it happened that one morning the count came up one man short. The prisoners were called to the yard, standing in rows – bags of bones… Read More

Yet, God Sees Me

We stomp our feet against the red Kenyan clay, dancing arm-in-arm from the van to the church. The women, with babies tied to their backs, sing in Swahili about how good the day is simply because God gave it and gave them visitors. We bend low and the women sing… Read More