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Thank you for considering me as a speaker for your conference, church service or other special event. I’m honored. Choosing the right speaker is not an easy decision, I know. So I’ve created this page to help make that job easier for you.

My Five Promises To You

  • Easy: My team and I strive to be the nicest, most low-maintenace folks you’ve ever worked with.
  • Responsive: When you fill out my booking request form we’ll reply within 48 hours.
  • Promotion: Once your event is on my calendar I’ll promote it through my tour page, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail newsletter.
  • Adaptive: I want to understand what you want to accomplish, and then tailor my content and delivery to meet your needs.
  • Balanced: I aim to balance depth and humor, encouragement and challenge, scholarship and a conversational style.

Book Me To Speak

Compassion International

I want to meet both your needs and the needs of children living in poverty around the world. If you will allow me to integrate a child sponsorship appeal into my speaking time, Compassion International will underwrite a large portion of my honorarium – you save money and together we save lives. Over 50,000 children have been sponsored at events I’ve partnered with since 2005.

Popular Biblical Topics

  • Worship: In our English bibles the word “worship” is translated from sixteen different Greek and Hebrew words. None of them mean “music” or “singing.”
    (key texts: Isaiah 6, John 4:24, Romans 12:1,2)
  • Justice: The prophets taught us, and Jesus modeled for us, justice that releases. Justice releases the poor into enough, the outcast into community, the oppressed into freedom, the abused into equality.
    (key text: Isaiah 58:1-5)
  • Generosity: “Take only your daily bread,” God told the Hebrews wandering in the wilderness. When we obey this command found in both the Old and New Testaments, everyone gets to taste and see that God is good and can be trusted.
    (key texts: Exodus 16, Galatians 2:10, 2 Corinthians 8:13-15)
  • Kingdom Coming: The first sermon Jesus ever preached was about the kingdom and this message remained the central theme of His earthly teaching. Understanding this kingdom message reveals what we’ve been saved from and saved for.
    (key texts: Mark 1:15, Luke 4:14-21)

Other Popular Topics

  • Persuasive Storytelling: Creation for training spokepeople working with Compassion International, this class teaches speakers how to craft a persuasive story while building credibility, creating empathy and laying out a logical easy-to-follow argument.
  • Song Writing: I condense 14 years of professional songwriting experience into a breakout session or half day master class. For writers at all levels. Includes free rewriting checklist and song critique for all attendendees.

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