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The Curse Is Reversed. Women First.

Magdalene was not Mary’s last name. It was her hometown. She was a Magdalene like Jesus was a Nazarene – from the city of Magdala where fabrics were dyed and prostitution was rampant (source: Jewish Talmud). But the bible never says or even implies that Mary herself was a prostitute.… Read More
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That time when 878 @compassion kids were sponsored in one Steve Jones and @taylorupchurch celebrated with Fun Dip at around midnight. So happy to be home but I sure miss these guys and seeing hundreds of kids sponsored every night. #RWRS15
Last day of @theroadshow. Celebrating Palm Sunday together in "tour church" with music, prayer and communion. #RWRS15 #palmsunday

On The Passing Of The Prophet Billy Graham

“Are there still Prophets today?” Dr. Randall O’Brien asked. It was at the end of our semester studying Old Testament Prophets together. The room of a hundred students started discussing, buzzing with opinion, finally turning to Billy Graham. One student said Rev Graham was certainly a Prophet. Another disagreed. Dr.… Read More
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