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Advent: The Good Shepherd

Sheep are anxious creatures frightened by anything that moves – even running water! They wander into danger, lose their footing and tumble down rocky inclines or walk right off of cliffs. They have such a poor sense of smell that they’ll drink poisonous water and eat poisonous plants without sensing… Read More
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That time when 878 @compassion kids were sponsored in one Steve Jones and @taylorupchurch celebrated with Fun Dip at around midnight. So happy to be home but I sure miss these guys and seeing hundreds of kids sponsored every night. #RWRS15
Last day of @theroadshow. Celebrating Palm Sunday together in "tour church" with music, prayer and communion. #RWRS15 #palmsunday

Advent: Love

This fourth and final week of Advent is all about LOVE. In Hebrew, ahava means love. But unlike here in the West, Hebrew love isn’t a feeling we fall into. It’s an affection that takes action. Right in the middle of ahava is hav – the verb that means “to… Read More
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