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God of gods

The Bible says our God is the “God of gods.” Does that mean there are other gods? Sort of. Who Created Everything? The Bible begins by telling us that “God” created everything, right? Well, Genesis 1 actually says “elohim” created the heavens and the earth. Who or what is “elohim”?… Read More
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That time when 878 @compassion kids were sponsored in one Steve Jones and @taylorupchurch celebrated with Fun Dip at around midnight. So happy to be home but I sure miss these guys and seeing hundreds of kids sponsored every night. #RWRS15
Last day of @theroadshow. Celebrating Palm Sunday together in "tour church" with music, prayer and communion. #RWRS15 #palmsunday

What To Put Aside

Before moving to Washington, DC, Vince Foster had been a partner at Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he worked alongside Hillary Clinton. A friend of Bill Clinton’s since childhood, Vince took a job as White House deputy counsel when Bill became president. Vince didn’t enjoy the work… Read More
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