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Is “Systemic Injustice” Biblical?

The Bible isn’t a modern Western book. It’s an ancient Near Eastern book. And so there’s a lot of stuff in the Bible that goes over my head… • Why on earth did God order the Levites to kill 3,000 Israelites as punishment for SOME Israelites worshipping a golden cow?… Read More
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That time when 878 @compassion kids were sponsored in one Steve Jones and @taylorupchurch celebrated with Fun Dip at around midnight. So happy to be home but I sure miss these guys and seeing hundreds of kids sponsored every night. #RWRS15
Last day of @theroadshow. Celebrating Palm Sunday together in "tour church" with music, prayer and communion. #RWRS15 #palmsunday

What Is Underneath Anger?

I was twenty-five and on staff at a church going through a lot of change. In staff meetings, one of our pastors read the critical comments that had been left in the offering plates the previous Sunday. Anonymous comments were tossed in the trash. Signed comments were often ridiculed and… Read More
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