Phil Wickham “Singalong” Download

Thank God Phil Wickham and all the other young ‘ns with guitars and big voices these days weren’t around in 2001 when I started out in this business of Christian music.  Not sure I would have even moved to Nashville and tried you know?

Well, Phil Wickham was around, but he was singing in the church his father pastors in those days, not yet sporting girl jeans and v-necks and not yet wowing music buyers with his sweeping melodies, poetic lyrics and intense vocals.  Starting today you can be wowed too.  Just click the image in this post below and you’ll be magically transported to a web page where you can download 15 brand spankin’ new live tracks from Phil Wickham.  He calls the project “singalong” and you’re likely to do just that.

Phil Wickham Singalong album download


Note: This download won’t cost you any money but it will require that you subscribe to Phil’s newsletter.  A price, sure, but a small price for 15 tracks from Phil I think.