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The Hardest Part Of Independent Music Made Easy

Today’s the official launch of Christmas Vol.1! This is the hardest day for an independent artist. But not me. I have you. Visit to share Christmas Vol.1 with the interwebs on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve made it a cinch to tell your friends about this album by… Read More

This Is Branding: Tim Tells The Difference

A child sponsorship organization I’d never heard of before today is blogging from Guatemala this week. As soon as I discovered them I wanted to know more about what they do. And Tim gave me the information I needed. Tim Høiland, one of Lemonade International‘s bloggers (#LIBloggers on Twitter), wrote… Read More

Why Women Give More Than Men

I’ve spoken at both women’s conferences and men’s conferences on behalf of Compassion International. The women sponsor more children than the men. More than four times more (as a percentage of total attendance.) I’d like to turn more men into child sponsors the next time I have the opportunity. So… Read More