Sneak Peek: Roughs From The Studio

I swear I’m just about done talking music. I promise.

We’re through in the studio! Mitch The Producer and his British interns Eddie and Chris (aka The Redcoats) are prepping the files as I type. On Monday they’ll be sent over to Shane Wilson to mix.

In the meantime…

How about a sneak peek? Here are a few snippets from the album. Keep in mind, these are not mixed at all. So, no, that background vocal won’t be that loud. And, yes, you will hear more of that kick drum on the final record. Etc etc etc.

It’s a bit scary sharing roughs with you all like this. Risky. You might judge the chicken before it’s hatched. Er…some such metaphor. You know what I’m saying right? I’d hate for these roughs to give you a bad impression of the record. It won’t sound like this! Shane Wilson hasn’t worked his magic yet! So, a little grace, please. It gets much better from here.

Alright. Enough talk. Have a listen. And thanks, as always, for your prayers and encouragement. Thank you.

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Snippet #1: Awake My Soul
Snippet #2: Enough
Snippet #3: No Better
Snippet #4: All’s Grace
Snippet #5: Just As I Am (I Come)