Brody Preaches

Amen and amen.

Some more possible reasons why it’s still not happening:

(There’s a question for you at the end.)

  • Some artists have never had real jobs and therefore have no real concept of “work.”
  • Some artists truly have nothing to say.
  • Some artists can’t write.
  • Some artists are lazy.
  • Some artists don’t want to do anything but make art and hire others to do everything else – and so far, no one can be hired to blog for us.
  • Some artists don’t need to do anything else – their careers are soaring without taking the risk of trying something new and time intensive.
  • Some artists are lazy.
  • Some artists are perfectionists and the thought of writing something casual and conversational feels imperfect to them.
  • Some artists are micromanaged by managers or labels who don’t want the “image” or the “message” changed by the artist’s on-line activities.
  • Some artists don’t read blogs and don’t understand why anyone else does so there’s no value in the medium for them – it’s like spending time and money on sky writing.
  • Some artists are lazy.
  • Some artists are undisciplined, unable to make themselves do something they don’t naturally do very well and enjoy.
  • Some artists think no one will care what they write and that, especially to a successful artist, stings a little.
  • Some artists already have a newsletter and a website full of information so they wonder what on earth is left to share.
  • Some artists are lazy.
  • Why don’t you blog?