Christmas Vol.1 EP

Release Date: 2014

Third World Symphony

Release Date: 2011

“It’s music that’s been somewhere — straight to the feet of God — and won’t let us go till we come too…rare, heart-stirring music that tells the Gospel, that helps all the lost pieces in the world find their place. Their place In Him who is the only real Home.” -Ann Voskamp

“Shaun has found a way to sing theology. Deep truth. Gospel heart. If you want gentle direction on how to reconcile the third world way over there with our first world right here, begin with this.” -Emily Freeman


White Flag

Release Date: 2005

“After two promising albums, the Texas-born Christian singer/songwriter makes a distinct leap forward on this release, blending a folk sensibility with elements of Brit-pop and hard rock. More significantly, he shows greater focus in his writing, creatively drawing upon Scripture for his themes. Groves’ shows an uncommon reach as a lyricist as well, balancing tales of desperation with expressions of forgiveness faith. White Flag walks the line between the mainstream Christian popcraft of Bebo Norman and the more probing work of Derek Webb.” -iTunes


Release Date: 2003

“Twilight continues to establish Shaun Groves as one of Christian music’s finest songwriters and most compelling communicators.”

“Deftly written with brilliant vocals, Shaun Groves’ sophomore album, Twilight, proves that his critically acclaimed debut, Invitation to Eavesdrop, certainly wasn’t a fluke. In fact, when listening to Groves’ latest offering, in many ways it’s as if he picked up right where he left off two years ago.” -CCM Magazine


Invitation to Eavesdrop

Release Date: 2001

“An endlessly catchy and impressively arranged and produced debut from the incredibly talented Shaun Groves, Invitation to Eavesdrop is a polished and punchy album that may herald the arrival of a CCM powerhouse. Confessional almost to the point of awkwardness, Groves celebrates the strengths and admits the shortcomings of his faith, using a variety of radio-ready anthems to drive his message.” – iTunes

Nominated for five Dove awards including Best New Artist, Song of the Year, and Songwriter of the Year