My Name Is Shaun And I Am A Mom Blogger

I spent the week with Tyrus Morgan, an indie artist who came along on this latest run of college chapel speaking gigs. At some point he asked how on earth Ben manages to book me in 80+ cities every year without a record deal or radio support.

Truth is, I’m not just an artist. I’m a mom blogger.

I have certain tools on loan from the CIA that allow me to know more about other people’s websites than they may know themselves. And that knowledge is pretty dang eye opening.

Where They Go

For instance, I know the sites Mercy Me‘s audience frequents most often:,,, ands

And Chris Tomlin‘s crowd?,,,

Jeremy Camp?,,,

Casting Crowns?,,,,

As you can see, Republican pundits and falling prices are popular with fans of Christian artists. I must not be a Christian artist. Or you’re not a fan of Christian artists. Or you’re all Democrats. Or you’ve got something against the smiley face or bargains. Or something like that.

Where You Go

What sites are you guys visiting most?,,,,, Beth Moore…you get the idea.

How does Ben keep me busy year-round without a record deal or radio play? Women. Lots and lots of women reading this blog (for reasons I’ll never understand) and linking to me from their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Walmart and Fox News and Mapquest don’t do that. They don’t care about you in the least. But mom bloggers? Even if you have a beard and lack a set of ovaries, they’ll treat you like one of their own. All you have to do is talk trash about boys and frost the occasional cake.

My name is Shaun Groves and I’m a mom blogger dang it.

(Thanks, ladies.)