One Guitar & The Internet

The guitar I play was given to me.

The company gave me an instrument in hopes of selling more. And it works.

But my guitar’s worn out. So I asked for a replacement.

The guitar maker won’t give me one though. Because I’m not on a label anymore. I’m just independent.

I have no marketing team or budget. Very little radio play. No stadium tours. No prospect of award nominations. Nothing that has traditionally been counted as mattering in the music business.

Traditions change.

This week Carlos Whittaker put out his first “CD”. He topped iTunes’ inspirational chart immediately.

How? The internet.

Have you heard of it?

The internet allows one guy with a guitar to communicate to thousands every day. Carlos tweets to 16,000 people daily. He blogs to thousands more.

Yes, I’m just an independent artist.

But I have the internet. The same internet Carlos has.

With the internet I play twice as many shows now than I did when I was on a label.

With the internet I communicate with thousands of people every day.

With the internet I’ve given away thousands of copies of my music.

With the internet my audience has given loads of kids the help they need.

One guy with the internet and a guitar can comfort and be comforted, provoke and be provoked, entertain and be entertained, educate and be educated, love and be loved by a heckuva lot of people.

(And sell some of them a guitar.)