Phil Has A Blog

Phil Wickham is a recording artist with Rod Stewart’s haircut and lots of girl jeans.  Oh, and he’s talented too. 

My road manager and friend Brody paid him a visit last night at the studio where he’s wrapping up his next record.  Turns out Phil had no idea his very expensive Macbook Pro came with a built in camera – you know, with which to take pictures and make videos.  He also never thought of actually having a blog and updating it regularly with words ad videos and pictures.  Never thought that perhaps those who like his music might want to actually see how it’s made or keep up with what he’s doing from time to time.

What do they teach in rock star school these days?

Well, professor Brody schooled him good.  Brody built him a blog, taught him the ways of YouTube and iMovie and now he’s officially interacting with the rest of the world on-line.  Welcome Phil to the blogosphere with a visit and a link on your blog.  And stay tuned to hear music from his next project before anyone else does.

Maybe Brody and I should start a consulting firm for record companies and artists and such.  “Get Your Butt On The Internet Inc” has a nice ring to it.