Rock N Roll v2.0

Phillip is a rock star.  His hair hangs like a veil of cool over his eyes.  His shoes and jeans are tattered to perfection.  His voice is raspy from practicing every afternoon with his band. They’ve just secured international distribution, and with it the chance to play for an audience of 100,000,000 potential fans every day.

The whole story is this: Phillip is my nephew and he’s just seven.  His mom cuts his hair and buys his ragged jeans and shoes.  His voice is strained from singing along with a CD player every afternoon blaring in his best friend’s bonus room.  And his video just hit Youtube where it’s been viewed 23 times – mostly by aunts, uncles and grandparents.

Web 2.0 (the current state of the world wide web, which is made up of more and more sites centering on dialogue rather than delivering a monologue) has changed the music business for everyone – from the big guys in Nashville and New York to the littlest of the little guys in bonus rooms everywhere.

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