Brody’s Gone

Little brother Gresham had just been asked not to say “dang it” but instead to find better words when he gets mad or frustrated.  “Try saying ‘I don’t like it when this happens’,” Becky suggested as I smirked from across the room in a way that clearly unsupportively said that’s pretty lame.

That’s when big sister Gabriella chimed in. “Oh, that’s where he got that. He learned that from the Harper family. Brody says those words,” she informed us.  “Brody says the h word too.”

“The h word?” Becky asked.

Gabriella only nodded a no.

“Heck?” I interjected.

A confused look from Gabriella.

“Hate,” she leaned in and whispered.  “He says that.  I heard him.”

“Oh,” I said, relieved.

“What’s heck?” Gabriella asked.

Good thing Brody’s out of town for a while.  Heck, maybe my kid’s potty mouth will clean up.

imageSeriously, Brody is on the road for 27 days straight starting today.  While I take the month off, Brody’s out road managing Phil Wickham, a soft rock “worship” singer guy with an affinity for v-neck shirts, girl jeans, and copying other people’s video stylings.  They’re on the David Crowder tour together.  Phil’s the opener. 

Brody’s mission is simple: post about the strange habits of the Crowder and train Phil Wickham up in the ways of the Shlog, somehow getting him to post something on his blog at least once a day.  Should be an entertaining read over on Brody’s blog.

And also, this is important, pray for Brody, his wife and their three boys while he’s away.  27 days is a long time without a best friend/husband and a dad.  The rest of us in the cult-de-sac will do our best to help his family while he’s away but we’re not Brody.  Pray for their safety, health (physical, mental and spiritual) and pray that the days fly by.

Dang it, 27 days is a long time on the road.  I mean, I don’t like it when this happens.

We’ll miss you around here, Brody.  Keep us posted.