My Friend William And People Who Are Scared To Death

My friend William is one of many wise people I wish I spent more time with.  I wish he lived next door and didn’t have a real job and I didn’t work on Saturdays when he doesn’t.  I wish this because he makes me laugh, he’s a great listener, he asks me and himself hard questions, he’s slow to speak, and he thinks great stuff like this:

God knows something we seem to still not get.  His way works any time, any place and under any ruler.  It does not matter who is in charge.  Loving your neighbor works and changes things. (consult history for details)

…We must be able to call out the good (what Jesus would do) and the bad (what he/we shouldn’t do) in any setting or group.  To do this we must not find ourselves completely wrapped up by one side because no side will ever be totally aligned with God’s kingdom purposes and we could find ourselves supporting things that are not of God.

As well, there is a deep tendency among people to submit to a tribal/geographic/family nature that says my group is better than your group.  My group should and must win because we are right.  The kingdom of God knows no such ideas and is universal (for God so loved the __________).  We as Christians are not allowed to have enemies.

That last line is my favorite.

Read the rest of William’s important post. And tell him I said howdy.  He’s busy at his real job and I’m on my couch today. Tomorrow, we’ll trade places.  Someday we’ll talk face to face again.