Three Questions

An interview always has limitations. Limited scope – you can’t talk about that thing in college with the pine tree and the cheerleader and the dwarf with the fire hose – nossir. Limited time – you’ve got fifteen minutes and not a second more. Limited audience – our readers are all deaf vegans so don’t talk about your music or your Chick-fil-A addiction, m’kay?

And it’s these limitations that make interviews so interesting to me. Given the limitations what will this person ask me?

And these limitations make the interviewers job so difficult, so much more difficult than readers and viewers may realize.

You wanna try? To spread the word about the music and message of Third World Symphony I’m offering any blogger a limited interview opportunity. Three questions. About anything you want, but only three questions.

Get it? Third World Symphony. Three questions. Clever, no?

(OK, admittedly, I studied music and not marketing.)

I was going to answer these questions for Oprah but then she retired and all and well…now I could use your help.

So if you have a blog or Facebook account…or work for Time magazine or USA Today…just shoot me your three questions. Then, I’ll shoot you three answers for you to share with your readers.

Nothing’s off limits. (Boxer briefs.) Within reason.

Let me know when the interview goes live and I’ll link to it from my site, Facebook and Twitter.

Ready? Go!

(And thank you. So much.)