How Do I Become A Compassion Blogger?

Singing and speaking on behalf of Compassion International is my full-time gig. But part time, for a few hours a week, I also oversee Compassion’s growing parternship with bloggers known as Compassion Bloggers.

And since a lot of bloggers are reading my blog for the first time after following our recent trip to Guatemala, I’d like to bore my much-loved regular readers at this time by writing a few posts about all things Compassion Bloggers related.

We’ll return to the usual riveting stories of my daily life soon, I promise. I know, you can’t wait can you? I can feel it.

What is a Compassion blogger anyway? And how do I become one?

There are two kinds of Compassion bloggers.

  • 884 bloggers have signed up at to post on behalf of Compassion whenever asked. Originally, we thought that would be monthly but, honestly, it’s been more like quarterly. These bloggers form a powerful network that has raised money for mosquito nets, sponsored children, fought HIV and AIDS, helped thousands of children in Haiti after the earthquake, and bought a new heart for a boy named Achile in Burkina Faso. Anyone can sign up to receive these e-mail “assignments” from me and use their on-line voice to speak for Compassion’s children.
  • 30 bloggers have traveled to the developing world to witness Compassion International‘s ministry to the poor and write about it for a week. More than 1200 bloggers have asked to go on these trips by signing up at I read every one one of them and prayerfully select the bloggers who will travel with us next. (More on that selection process tomorrow.)

Becoming a Compassion Blogger is simple. Just sign up to write regularly and/or to go on a trip someday.

Tomorrow I’ll answer…

How do you choose which bloggers go on a trip?

How can I improve my chances of being selected?

And the next day…

Is this blog stuff spending money that could help poor kids?

How helpful is all this blogging stuff to Compassion really?

Am I leaving out a question you have about Compassion Bloggers? Leave it in the comments and I promise to answer.