It’s Not That Life Is Boring

I haven’t been blogging all that regularly. After six years of regular writing has the well gone dry? You should be so lucky. And it’s sure not that my life is boring at the moment. So what gives?

Well, all the things I want to write can’t be shared…yet. So I’ve been at a loss for words. But rest assured there is an amazing story happening off-line in my family’s real world life. Lots of story. To be told someday.

But not quite yet.

Know what you could do in the meantime though? Pray. Thank God for opportunity we’re enjoying. Ask for provision we’ll soon need. It really is that simple. And powerful. Will you pray for us?

Happy to do the same for you and yours too. Just leave a comment and many of us reading here will spend time today praying with you.

Now, what caaaaaan I share? Well, I finished the package design for Third World Symphony. Kept it simple. We’re cutting cost and waste and petroleum and saving some trees all at the same time by going with a sleeve package made from recycled materials and fully recyclable itself.

Nope, there won’t be any insert with pages of lyrics, credits, thank you’s and pretty pictures of my mug – I know, I know – heartbreaking really. But we’ll have all that stuff (and more) on-line at (under construction).

So here’s the packaging. Lots of white space for autographs, doodles, notes, a place to put your gum – that sort of thing. (Ignore the lines showing various bleed lines and cuts.) Click image to enlarge.

Third World Symphony Packaging

And a very simple disc too. (Ignore the lines on this one too.) Click image to enlarge.

Third World Symphony Disc

So there it is. So simple I could design it myself. So I did.

Listen & Buy

Once again, you can listen to the entire record here and pre-order it here or buy it on iTunes starting August 30, 2011.

Three Questions

I asked you to send me your three best questions and wow! I’ve answered 61 of you so far! Unbelievable response and fantastic questions. Really. So keep ’em coming. Send your three questions to shaun AT shaungroves DOT com and I’ll get back to you shortly.Thanks!