Antes El Salvador

I could use your help making our trip next week as beneficial to kids in El Salvador and Americans with internet access as possible. Could you please…

1. Pray.

  • To see the names and faces of the bloggers going with us visit
  • Pray for their families they’ll leave behind, their spiritual and physical and mental health/stamina, their ability to take in a lot of information quickly and experience a lot of emotions and find the words to write about it all.

2. Twitter.

  • Please send your followers to our trip’s page using this link:
  • Please tweet any specific posts you’d like to pass along using the hashtag #cbes
  • If you ask your followers to sponsor a child please use this link:

3. Facebook.

  • I’ve created a widget for Facebook pages (works on Myspace and blogs too). It displays pictures, videos and posts from our trip as they become available.
  • No need to know what the heck a widget is. Just go to and click “Facebook” to add this widget to your Facebook wall.
  • Or hit the “share” button below and choose “Facebook” from the options.

Here are a couple more widgets for blogs (may not work on blogs). Just click the “share button”, grab the code, copy and paste:

Thank you.