Third World Symphony Anniversary Giveaway

A year ago today, Third World Symphony was released. Happy anniversary!

And here’s how we’re celebrating.

First, with the help of Kris Love at Shamrock Media, I released two singles to Christian radio this week. Fan favorites “I’ve Got You” and “Enough” have both been sent to a station in your area. Could you kindly ask your local station to have a listen? I cannot stress enough the “kindly” part. Very kindly. Please.

Second, how about a giveaway?

I’ve partnered with Whooptee to give away ten Third World Symphony fair trade t-shirts this week!

Whooptee Third World Symphony t-shirt

Ten more winners will receive an 8×10 Enough lyric print.

Enough free printable poster framed

Ten more winners will receive an Awake My Soul lyric print.


Ten more winners will receive a Third World Symphony CD and my live CD One Night In Knoxville.

To enter this anniversary giveaway…

1. Pin It
Re-Pin anything from the Third World Symphony board. Be sure to keep the hashtag #thirdworldsymphony in the pin to enter. Ten winners will be chosen from Pinterest.

2. Like It
Like my Facebook page. Simple as that. Ten winners will be chosen from “fans” on Facebook.

3. Tweet It
Tweet any of these…

FREE song download. “All Is Grace” from @shaungroves. Get it here! #3WS (<--Click to tweet)

“Rare heart-stirring music that tells the Gospel” says @AnnVoskamp Get it here: #3WS (<--Click to tweet)

“To put it bluntly: I’m in love with it.” says @thepioneerwoman Get it here: #3WS (<--Click to tweet)

This music “can attract more people to take responsibility.” says @ONECampaign Get it here: #3WS (<--Click to tweet)

“This album is like a road map for the days when we get lost.” says @lisajobaker. Get it here: #3WS (<--Click to tweet)

“Deep truth. Gospel heart.” Says @emilypfreeman Get it here: #3WS (<--Click to tweet)

Whatever you tweet just be sure you use the hashtag #3WS. Ten winners will be selected from the Twitterverse.

4. Post It
Write a review of Third World Symphony and include one of these banners or widgets as well. Then come back here and leave a comment linking to your post. Feel free to link to an old blog post you wrote about Third World Symphony too. Ten winners will be chosen from the blogosphere.

Winners will be chosen Thursday morning September 6th!

And one last thing…

THANK YOU for a great year! More than getting truth wrapped in music out to thousands of people, TOGETHER, you and I have changed the perspective of thousands in the first world and the lives of so many in the third world. Thank you isn’t enough. But, thank you.