Listen To Third World Symphony

Well, folks, here it is. Third World Symphony is done! And you can hear the whole thing right here. And, if you like what you hear you can spread the word by sharing any of the widgets below on Twitter, Facebook or your own blog. You can also buy this album at or wait until August 30th and buy it from iTunes or

I know. I know. So many options. So much to do! Well, you better get started. Enjoy.

Third World Symphony by shaungroves

Third World Symphony by shaungroves

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Listen to ALL of the new album Third World Symphony by @shaungroves here: #3ws

Listen to Third World Symphony from @shaungroves here: #3ws

New album from @shaungroves. Listen here! #3ws

And thanks. For making this music with me. For funding and encouraging and correcting me the whole way. Thank you!