I’ve Got You

I watched a friend ruin his marriage, hurt his kids, and lose his job before finally admitting he was an addict.

I met a girl in India who had nothing but still said she was “so very happy” because she had God.

I started crying a lot in the shower.

My Uncle Joel’s cancer came back.

This is the stuff a new song is made of: the kind of song you don’t try to write, that you can’t stop writing. For the last six months or so I’ve been sitting down at the piano a few times a week and slipping into the skin of an addict, his wife, a girl in the slums of Kolkata or a good man with a bad prognosis and talking to God for them. And I end up talking to him for myself too.

We’re all in this song, convinced by our very different circumstances of the same humbling truth: We have nothing, can do nothing and are nothing without God. Oddly, it feels better than you’d think to be at the end of a rope like this.

It’s missing a verse still, but it’s close. I’m hoping to finish it up on the plane tomorrow morning. I’m heading into the studio at the end of the month to record this simple little song. Hope it gives you words to say to God when you need them.

Words & Music by Shaun Groves

I’ve got nothing in my hands to part these waves
Got nothing in my bank account that saves
Got no more might left to muscle through
Oh, but I’ve got You
I’ve got You

Got demons gathered ’round, oh laugh it up
Spreading doubts a plenty I can drink this cup
Got no one left who thinks I’ll make it through
Oh, but I’ve got You
I’ve got You