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Prayer Request: Third World Symphony Blog Tour

Christian record labels still rely very heavily upon radio play and traditional marketing practices. But these days most stations can only play 12 current songs so that means most artists won’t be on the radio. And we’ve all evolved to ignore traditional advertisements haven’t we? So how do these label… Read More

Third World Symphony Cover & Updates

Sorry I’ve been absent for a few days. First, I came home from a week-long youth conference I was teaching at and unplugged for a few days. For the most part. Savored some adult conversations. Ate home-cooked meals. Ah. Home. Then, I went to Colorado, to Compassion’s office, to film… Read More

The Process From Sputnik Sound

So here’s how this process works. Pre-Production Mitch The Producer and I spent two days in the studio doing pre-production. That means different things to different people. For us it meant me playing every song for Mitch, hearing his critique, going through the A&R guy’s list of things that should… Read More