Prayer Request: Third World Symphony Blog Tour

Christian record labels still rely very heavily upon radio play and traditional marketing practices. But these days most stations can only play 12 current songs so that means most artists won’t be on the radio. And we’ve all evolved to ignore traditional advertisements haven’t we?

So how do these label artists – and independent artists like me – get the word out about their new music? How am I doing it?

With a little lot of help from my friends.

Blog Tour

On August 30th the Third World Symphony Blog Tour will kick off. 15 bloggers (so far) will be hosting a tour stop – one right after another – for 15 days. Jon Acuff, Angie Smith, Michael W. Smith, Ann Voskamp, Kristen Welch, Boo Mama, Big Mama, Kelly Stamps and many more. Each tour stop will be different, every blogger free to talk about the music and their own transformative experiences in the third world any way they choose.

So thankful for these friends who are sharing their slice of the internet with me to spread the word about Third World Symphony and, more importantly, to talk about the blessing the people of the third world have been to us.


Please pray for these bloggers as they juggle their regular and on-line lives and now throw this tour of mine into the mix of it all.

Please pray for content – that the right questions get asked, the right stories told and songs sung.

There are a couple bloggers I’ve asked to participate that I’ve not heard back from yet. Life is busy. Please pray that God brings together the right people for this thing – and, selfishly, I’d like Him to do that sooner than later. Please?

I’m flying to Canada next week to shoot some video with Ann. Other bloggers are sending me their interview questions, requests for video performances or video chats. There’s a lot to get done. Not a lot of time to do it in. Please pray us through the work and ask that readers are prepared starting now to take it all in and respond to what God has to say to them through it.

This tour can do so much more than sell records and help fund our adoption in the process. It can really do something lasting in the lives of blog readers – more than 1.4 million of them. But apart from Him we can do nothing. So please pray.


Third World Symphony by shaungroves