A Lesson On Boredom & Writing From Amy Grant

I’m in Oregon this weekend with Amy Grant – which sounds like we’re on vacation together or something when, in actuality, I’m just out here speaking on behalf of Compassion at a few of her concerts. (Details here.)

Amy Grant - Age to Age (1982)

I sat side-stage through her whole set last night, like a wide-eyed kid sitting at the feet of his teacher. For a songwriter there’s no better way to learn than to just listen to great writers. And Mrs. Grant, with 35 years of writing experience and countless hits on her resume, is a great writer. (Do you have her new album?)

Amy Grant - How Mercy Looks From Here 2013

The Oregonian sun wasn’t kind to the guitars on that outdoor stage, sending them sliding out of tune for much of the evening. At one point Amy had to do a complete and thorough retuning, bantering casually with the audience throughout. And that’s when the best nugget of wisdom came out, unscripted.

“Do yourself a favor,” she said. “Get very bored and find a way out of it that doesn’t involve being entertained by someone else.”

That’s how she began writing when she was fourteen and, reflecting back on my own high school years, I guess that’s how I got started too. And a lack of boredom is why I don’t get started these days on that blog post, book, new album.

I’m not bored enough to be a writer anymore. Wondering if I can do something about that.

How about you?