Maybe This Is Anointed?

I grew up Baptist. We didn’t call things or people “anointed.” The first time I heard the word outside of the bible was likely at a charismatic church near the beginning of my music career.

“That song is anointed.” And what he or she meant was really “I like that song a lot.”

Since then I’ve been called “anointed” when I do a good job (which always makes me uncomfortable for some reason). I think what these fans mean is “I like your music a lot” or “I liked what you had to say.” I just say “thanks” and change the subject.

So in an effort to be a little less awkward and a little more informed…I spent some time today looking up every mention of the words “anoint” and “anointed.” I learned that there are thirteen Greek and Hebrew words translated as our English word “anoint” in the bible.

Sometimes “anoint” has a literal meaning – to apply oil or some other substance to a person’s face, forehead, or other body part as part of a ritual. Other times “anoint” has a figurative meaning – no oil is used at all but instead a purpose, blessing, Holy Spirit or some other intangible is “applied” to a person instead.

Regardless of whether the anointing is literal or figurative it seems to carry with it two implications again and again.


“Anoint” means to be appointed to a role or task. David was anointed to be king of Israel. Jesus was anointed to be the Messiah. Oil was applied to David, the Holy Spirit was applied to Jesus. One literal, the other figurative. Both were appointed to a position for a purpose.


“Anoint” means to be equipped with everything necessary to fulfill the role and accomplish the purpose God has given. David and Jesus were both equipped with power, people, skill, wisdom, etc to be king and Messiah.

So am I anointed? In a sense, I think so. And aren’t you?

Appointed to be father, mother, friend, coworker, neighbor, son, daughter. Appointed to be singer, teacher, doctor, spokesperson, philanthropist, bake sale coordinator, foster parent, Sunday school teacher, encourager, writer, student…

Equipped with a big mouth, a knack for organizing, problem solving, wealth, a heaping measure of discernment, a sense of humor, muscles, carpentry skills, superior work ethic, love of middle schoolers…

Am I missing something? Like I said I didn’t grow up with this word. If you did, I’d love to learn a bit more about it from you.