Compassion International Facebook Covers

Compassion International recently gave me several marketing/graphic design assignments. My favorite has been creating a Facebook campaign for them.

Using mostly images from the super talented Keely Scott, here’s what we came up with.

Compassion International Facebook Covers

There are a lot of rules governing cover images used on corporate/celebrity Facebook pages: No URLs or promotions, for instance. But none of these rules (yet) exist for cover images when used on personal profiles. So you’re free to promote Compassion International (and its URL) all you want.

We’re the first child sponsorship organization to make use of Facebook like this. Help us make this campaign a success by pinning the image above and adding one of these covers to your own Facebook personal profile.


  • go to Compassion’s Facebook Page
  • go to their pictures
  • choose the image you want to use as your cover
  • right click (on a PC) or control click (on a Mac)
  • choose “save image as”
  • then go to your Facebook profile
  • upload the new cover image

Get started.

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