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What I Thought I Knew About Short Term Mission Trips

“Contrary to popular belief, most mission trips and service projects do not: empower those being served, engender healthy cross-cultural relationships, improve quality of life, relieve poverty, change the lives of participants [or] increase support for long-term missions work.” -Robert Lupton in Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They… Read More

Mid-Life Crisis: The Dream & The Ladder

Daniel Levinson studied the lives of hundreds of adult men and discovered that we actually are a lot like children. (No “I told you so”, ladies.) Just as children progress through clear stages of development, so Levinson discovered that men do too. Every stage is given a name and detailed… Read More

One Thing That Made Me A Better Husband, Parent & Worker

There’s no shortage of resources for the self-obsessed. Are you a D, I, S, or C? An INTJ or an ESTJ? A beaver or a lion?

I’m a little cynical and a lot skeptical about it all. Can you tell?

I’ve taken all these tests – against my will – and walked away from each with a new label and little else. But Strengths Finder 2.0 actually helped me immediately in very practical ways. View Post