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Jesus Story Book BibleThe Jesus Storybook Bible is a beautifully illustrated book for kids that poetically retells 44 Old Testament and New Testament bible stories, showing how each one points to Jesus.

It’s a great read, I don’t care how old you are. (It’s also available as a curriculum.)

As a church we’re going through The Jesus Storybook Bible together this Summer. The book has been made available to every family along with daily reading assignments, and questions for us to talk about with our kids all week long.

And then on Sundays our pastor takes one story from the book and teaches it on a more adult level, showing us in greater detail how it’s ultimately a story about Jesus.

Jesus Storybook Bible Sample

Yesterday, I was the substitue preacher. Knowing that there were probably guests with us, or people who have been in and out of church all Summer vacationing, I started with a brief introduction to this whole concept: That every story in the bible is about Jesus.

Then I taught for half an hour. And you know what? It was that short introduction that people remembered and commented on most.

So maybe it’s worth sharing with you as well. This is an easy to remember guide to Jesus’s role in every phase of scripture.


Purchase your own copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible here or the curriculum here.

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