Debrief: It’s Your Turn

At the end of every Compassion blogging trip I lead the bloggers in a time of “debriefing.” It helps us process what we’ve experienced, get some of the nasty destructive thoughts and emotions out and begin thinking about how we’ll re-enter a society that hasn’t been where we’ve been.

Last night I started the debrief by telling the story of John 9: Jesus and his disciples saw a man born into physical poverty. He was blind from birth. The disciples asked Jesus whose sin the man was being punished for. Did God smite him with darkness because of his own mistakes? Or his parents? Who’s fault was it?

Jesus didn’t point fingers at human errors. He pointed to God.

…this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.

The bloggers and I have walked this week through the worst poverty I’ve ever seen. And we’ve wondered at times why it exists. Political corruption and apathy plays a role. Complexities of world markets, educational systems, and the environment factor in as well. But then there’s God’s glory to consider.

The “glory” of God is the “full measure” of God – his total character and ability. The complete image of the Creator. Parts of that image don’t show up well against the gray backdrop of an affluent culture. To see some parts of God some of us need to see him against the darkness of poverty.

In such bleakness we see the full extent and efficacy of God’s physical, economic, physical and spiritual provision. Only among the hungry can some of us see daily bread as the miracle it is. Only among the dying can some of us see breath as the gift it is. Only among the hopeless can some of us see Jesus as the Rescuer he us.

In the dark slums of Kenya we’ve all seen God moving from house to house, child to child. His image is a little more complete than it was before Kenya.

Last night I asked the bloggers to share what they saw of God this week. They were encouraged to tell the stories they couldn’t blog. I asked them what snapshot from the week would stay with them even in the old folks home. They did. We cried. We laughed. We made promises to each other and God, talked through the difficulties of going home, and prayed for God’s help. Then laughed some more.

Now it’s your turn.

I don’t usually allow anonymous comments but I will this once. What did you see of God this week through our blogs? What snapshot will stay with you for the rest of your life? What promises do you need to make to yourself and God going forward?

Please share. For the glory of God.

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