Best Of The Net

I’m at the Together For Adoption conference in Atlanta this weekend and then off to the Denver area. Come see me! Get the details here…

While I’m away, here’s the best of the net this week.


This is old but for some reason it’s never caught on and gained a huge audience. That may mean it’s not half as funny to everyone else as it is to me.

The Geography Of Poverty

A nerdy great article about a different approach to serving the poor.

WHERE do the world’s poor live? The obvious answer: in poor countries. But in a recent series of articles Andy Sumner of Britain’s Institute of Development Studies showed that the obvious answer is wrong.

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My Stop Doing List

Overwhelmed? Spread thin? Make this list.

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Art Rocks

I don’t know why I like this so much.

Baby Hjolster

I would have worn this. Without the hat.

When Those Ann Geddes Kids Grow Up

So disturbingly hilarious.

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Detangling Barbie Hair

I did this last week with Penelope (7) and it actually worked. We set up a beauty parlor made out of Tupperware and went to work. Don’t buy new dolls. Give the old ones a makeover.

Questions to Ask Kids Before Bed

20 revealing bedtime questions to ask your kids.

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