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Happy weekend!

I apologize for not writing more this past week. Working hard on our upcoming blogging trip to Peru cut my own blogging time short. And my server kept crashing, puling my site down, so I was less than inspired to write something that might not even be readable. This upcoming week will be a better blogging week. I hope.

Here’s the best of net…

DIY Playdough

Wednesday is “Daddy Day” in our house. I close my computer and step away from work for the day and spend it with my kids – well, the two who aren’t in public school. There’s usually a science project and/or an art project involved. This week we made playdough out of Jello. It smelled and felt better than the real thing.

Everything Is A Remix

Someone posted part one of this four part video series on Twitter and down the rabbit hole I went. Two hours later I knew way more than I ever wanted to know about the history of the remix: copy, transform, combine. From folk art, to music to design and film – everything is a remix. Incredibly nerdy documentary for people who create.

Source: via Shaun on Pinterest

Fake Celebrity

Our currency is no longer backed by gold and silver. Money these days have value only because we all believe it does. The same is true of celebrity. This guy proved it.

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What the gospel demands of parents

Childrens minister Sam Luce offers this short post on how the gospel should affect my parenting. Or how my parenting can preach the gospel. Thanks to our children’s minister, Melissa, for passing it on to me.

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The Devil Wears Prada?

Gandhi once wrote that “a certain degree of physical harmony and comfort is necessary, but above a certain level it becomes a hindrance instead of a help.” Scientists have proven now just how much of hindrance “luxury” is to cognition…and those in need.

In a related post (less academic and more readable), scientists have plotted where the most generous people live. Hint: Not in the wealthiest zip codes. And they make an educated guess about why that is.


And this made me laugh…

Source: via Shaun on Pinterest

Source: via Shaun on Pinterest