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I’m in Tulsa tonight for the third stop of this tour I’m on with Anita Renfroe and Mark Schultz. Now that lunch is over I only have four hours before sound check so let’s see if I can fit a blog post in between straightening my hair and finishing that pitcher of sweet tea. Being an artist is hard work, ya’ll.

Here’s the best of the net!

10 Questions To Ask Your Wife (If You’re Man Enough)

This is a great and dangerous list of questions to ask the woman you love (I think women could ask their man these too, by the way). Are you man/woman enough to ask?

I Side With

I’m teaching my middle kids civics this election year. Scouring the internet for lesson plans and other helpful stuff, I stumbled onto this excellent site for grown-ups. Answer a series of questions designed to pinpoint your position on various issues and the site tells you which candidates (state and national) your views line up with most.

Sharing Faith

Ed Setzer and company released a new batch of research findings on the topic of evangelism. 80% of Christians in America believe they have a responsibility to share their beliefs about Jesus with others. 61% haven’t actually shared their faith though in the last 6 months. Some may be shocked and disappointed by these findings but, I guess, maybe because I live in the bible belt, I’m neither shocked nor disappointed. 39% have shared their faith with a non-Christian in the last six months? Wow. I didn’t think that many of us in this part of the country even knew a real live non-Christian. Maybe these numbers aren’t as bad as they seem, eh?

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The Deception Of Urgency

Donald Miller wrote an exceptional post this week on the Storyline blog about productivity. “Is being frantic really the best way to be productive?” Calm may be the key to getting more done.

Two Pairs Of Pants On Fire

There’s a full blog post brewing in my noggin over this issue but for now..They both lied to us in the first presidential debate. Here are some specifics.

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And lastly…

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