Dear relientkRoX123,


Dear relientkRoX123,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. And sorry I sucked. Afraid I still do. But even more.

I didn’t used to suck. I once recorded the kind of rock songs you like – but you know that cuz you mentioned them. Both of them.

I was twenty-six then. I bleached the tips of my hair. I owned a pair of leather pants. Fleather, actually. Seriously. I did.

But then stuff changed.

My hair turned gray. I bought a house. And a mini van. I had kids. All of this in reverse order.

And I loved it. I do love it. I love my life. I’m happy.

And that sucks for you I guess. Because now I’m not out to make myself happy by making you happy. Truth is, I guess, I never was. I was just making music I liked…when I was twenty-six. And now I’m making music I like at thirty-seven.

And it sounds pretty sweet in my Honda Odyssey. Six speaker system.

Of course by now – five years later and all – you might have a minivan of your own, huh? Hey, now that you’re all grown up, you might wanna give me another chance. It’s only five bucks.

And there’s banjo.


P.S. This makes me happy.
Enough (Mixed NOT Mastered) by shaungroves