Are We There Yet?

I’m writing to you from the front lounge of the tour bus. It smells like leftover pizza. Amber corn fields zipping past outside and Young Guns 2 playing on the television with the sound down.

Front lounge of the tour bus

We just finished up four days of shows in the Midwest with Anita and Mark.

Paducah, Kentucky.

O’Fallon, Illinois.

St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Fairmont, Minnesota.


Giant tricycles.

Micah Watson on a giant tricycle

And 232 kids sponsored by the kind of folks of the Midwest.

Compassion International sponsorship table

And now? A sixteen hour drive home to Nashville, a few days off, and then we’re heading out again. This time we’re coming to Zanesville, Ohio and Marietta, Georgia.

I’m trying to upload some video from this week’s concerts but the hamster running the internet on this bus is a little slow. (I’m getting internet access on a moving bus? We live in the future, folks.) Check back later for a clip of “Enough” shot in O’Fallon, Minnesota.

Here’s a clip of “Enough” shot in O’Fallon, Minnesota. That’s Micah on the banjo and snare drum.

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