Tea Party & Touchdowns


He draped a canopy of tulle over their kitchen table. Bows tied around each chair. Tea cups and saucers, ringed napkins, flowers on a great-grandmother’s tablecloth.

napkin ring flowers tea pot on table

Tea Cup On Lace Tablecloth

Guests arrived in tiaras, high heels, frilly dresses and flavored lipgloss. The old man in the suit answered the door and escorted them in. With a big sister’s help, the guests gathered around the art table to hot-glue silk flowers to purple and pink hats while the man in the suit took pictures for the society page.

making flower hats

flower hats

After toiling over their fashions the debutants took a break for tea.

tea party girl pouring

There was some small talk about school and dolls and Justin Bieber and the proper way to drink tea. With pinky out.

drinking tea with pinky out

Which turned out to be harder to do than anyone had expected.

girl drinking tea with pinky out

And then cupcakes. Pink with “sugar balls” – which the old man suggested would be a good nickname for his wife to call him from time to time. And the old man’s wife said…well, that’s a post for another time I suppose.

pink cupcakes

girl blowing out birthday candles

girl eating cupcake

eating cupcake with hands

Turns out a party of proper ladies is very quiet until the sugar hits the bloodstream. Then it’s all whispers and giggles.

telephone game

telephone game

telephone game

telephone game

telephone game

And laughing.

girl laughing

tea party

And blindfolded frog kissing.

girl kissing frog

When the party was over and all the sugar and spice and everything nice went home, the old man put on a t-shirt, grabbed a lawn chair and watched football.

His boy ran faster than he could ever remember running as a kid.
boys playing football

boy running with football

His nephews too.
boy running with football

Never tired. Never slowing down.
boy running with football

boy running with football

And the old man’s wife said something about how fast time runs too, how quickly little girls become ladies and little boys become young men. The old man felt a little older than when he woke up that morning. A little more grateful and alive too.