Penelope’s Mom Is Awesome

Penelope’s mom is awesome. Penelope’s Mom let her cut the hair of a disembodied Barbie head.

Girl cutting hair

She let her give Barbie a shoulder length trim first.

girl cutting hair

Then she gave her what I believe my hair-cutting sister-in-law called a graduated bob.

girl cutting hair

Then Penelope’s mom let her cut some more, and some more, and…well, now Penelope just pretends Barbie is undergoing chemotherapy. She’s started a prayer chain.

Penelope’s mom is awesome. Penelope’s mom let her stay up extra late last night.

girl sleeping beside Christmas tree

And let her sleep beside the Christmas tree.

kids sleeping by Christmas tree

Penelope’s mom is awesome. Penelope’s mom has been wearing some new jeans that are lucky to have her.

Penelope’s Dad may or may not have a dozen pictures of Penelope’s mom in her new jeans.