Steelers Versus Vols

My nephew Phillip is the director of the cousins. His mind is always swirling with creative schemes: stuff to film, build, act out, paint…

But the other boys – Yeneneh (12), Gresham & Nathaniel (8) – would often rather play soccer or football than film, build, act or paint. This is usually the divide – Phillip’s persuasive skills and imaginative agenda versus the almost irresistible desire to hurt each other and score points.

This Fall both sides came together to form the PFL: Phillip-created football league. Phillip got to make; made a field out of spray paint and construction flags. Two fields, actually: “home” at his place and “away” at our house.

He somehow got uniforms for himself and his brother Nathaniel – I think Papa may have been a sponsor for those budget items.

Boys in Tennessee Vols football uniforms

And Phillip hired me to be Sports Illustrated.

Boys playing football in yard

boy diving catch for football

That’s my son Gresham with the hat on and the football skillz that unfortunately skipped a generation.

boy running with football

boy playing football

The real showdown was between Nathaniel “Hands” Seay and his cousin Gresham “Tackle Not Touch” Groves on the Steelers.

boy in Tennessee Vols uniform catching football

two boys catching football

A four man football game is tough to pull off. For instance, the center is also the wide receiver…the only receiver, actually.

boy hiking football

boy in Tennessee Vols football uniform

And he’s also the kicker.

boy in Tennessee Vols uniform kicking football

boy in Tennessee Vols uniform kicking football

Playing three positions wears a guy out. Nathaniel went down in the last quarter but we chanted “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” and he was good to go again.


And of course there were (appropriately dressed) cheerleaders.



Star quarterbacks.

boy taking football helmet off

And Heisman worthy poses.

boys playing football


The Steelers were trailing by two touchdowns until Yeneneh scored…

boy catching football

and scored…

boy catching football

and scored again.

boys playing football

Game over.

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