Enough About Me. Let’s Talk About What You Can Do For Me.

Some of you have been kind enough to e-mail and ask if I need any help with the Help Haiti benefit concerts I’m putting together. Yes. Yes, I do. Especially this week.

My small concert plans have been hijacked by the generosity of so many artists and the imagination of our team. They’re not small anymore. You will think I’m joking when the line-up is announced. Seriously. Ridiculous. No. Hype. Seriously.

Suddenly, my team and I feel like we’re producing the Grammies…three times over. And we can do it. I know we can. But…

Most of the big decisions will be made this week: which artists are playing, for how long, where, and with whom. Publicity will kick off this week. And production meetings begin as well. Film crews will be hired. The website will be built.

Problem? I’m in Texas speaking at East Texas Baptist University Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I’m in Canada Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been home all month and this is the week I’m booked solid???

Another problem? Ben, who travels with me because I can’t do anything without him, is also building the web site…because I can’t do anything without him.

I’m not freaked out. I’m amazed at what God has accomplished through us so far and I’m certain he’s not through amazing us. It’s humbling. It requires us to lean on each other and that’s always a good thing too. My team is good at it. So, now worries. But lots of work ahead for all of us at an already busy time.



The best thing you can do for me this week is pray. We didn’t get this far without it.

Please pray for…

  • Returned phone calls and e-mails
  • Sweet selfless dispositions to continue all around: No egos
  • Connections that need to be made, the right people to be involved in the right places
  • Cell phone coverage and e-mail access in Canada. (I may have to sell out and get a “big boy” phone, dang it.)
  • Venues: We’ve got great ones ready to go already – it’s just a matter of making the choices, considering all the factors. And oh how I like to take my time considering.

I’ll keep you updated if you’ll keep praying. I know you will. Thank you for that.