“Help Haiti Live” Event

I’m attempting what seems to be impossible. And it is impossible without a series of small miracles. Please pray.

I’m putting together three ticketed concerts in three cities back-to-back on one night: Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville. All three concerts will be streamed live on-line as well.

It is very possible that this event won’t happen. Will the nine artists I’m hoping for be available and able to perform? Will we find three large venues with full production willing to host us? Can we build the hosted site and get the bandwidth needed for streaming? Will we find radio partners and get on-line ticketing worked out? Can we do all of this for free so 100% of proceeds can go to Compassion’s disaster relief fund?

It doesn’t seem likely does it? But we’re working like it’s up to us and praying because we believe it’s up to God.

Pray with us.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress here. And eventually I’ll need your help. Are you in?