Dream Co-Writer

There was a time when I had far more words than melodies to work with. But then I started blogging and all the words got used up. Actually, I don’t know how it happened but today I have a dozen or so melodies and not a word that fits them. A dead Prussian missionary is helping with that though.

I’ve read a few books about George Mueller lately that have changed the way I pray. I used to never pray for myself, feeling I guess that it wasn’t the sort of thing good Christians do. But George did. If he had a need he would quickly ask God for help. His childish and very specific prayers like “Please give us land to build an orphanage on” or “Please send us a woman to clean clothes at the orphanage” were answered in incredible ways that he could only attribute to God.

Of course “Please give me lyrics” seems trivial next to George’s pleas but I asked anyway. And went to bed.

That night I had a dream that I was playing this one melody in particular on the piano. And behind me sat Tony Wood with a yellow legal pad in his lap, writing lyrics.

When I first moved to town I was an intern at a music publishing company and Tony was one of many talented writers I had the privilege of working with. He’s written for Chris Sligh, Francesca Battistelli, Mark Harris, Mandisa and lots lots more. But before I knew what a big deal he was, Tony was just a guy I liked hanging out with in the office. (Most successful writers are just talented people other people like to hang out with…because a lot songwriting is just hanging out. And also eating. And laughing.)

So, anyway, I shot Tony an e-mail, told him he would be a dream co-write (He has no idea just how literally). So today I’m in his writing room playing him this melody that’s been with me for several years and he’s sitting behind me (hopefully) scribbling on his yellow legal pad.

Maybe it’s an answer to prayer. Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten Mexican food just before bed…again. Either way, I’m sure I’m having a good time hanging out with Tony.

When’s the last time God answered your prayer? Tell us about it.