Please Pray For Amy

My sister-in-law Amy (my wife’s sister and Brian’s wife) has been diagnosed with ocular cancer. It’s a small patch of light brown tumor in her baby blue iris, tugging slightly at her pupil.

Doctors at Vanderbilt here in Nashville have referred her to one of two specialists in the world who deal best with this kind of cancer. Vanderbilt expects that appointment with the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia to be in four to six weeks, but we’re praying there’s an opening sooner. We’re waiting to hear.

Out of respect for Amy and the rest of our family, including the kids, I’m being very careful not to over share. Without getting into specifics, obviously when a cancer diagnosis is given to a wife, the mother of six children, an integral servant in a church family, a dearly loved neighbor and daughter and sister and friend, it frightens and confounds the many many people connected to her. It arouses confusion, doubt, anger and worry. All of these responses are expected and fully human and unavoidable to a great extent.

But most of us connected to Amy in some way are also followers of Jesus who said he came to “give sight to the blind.” He has authority over what sees, is seen and unseen. To those of us who believe this, Jesus says we’re to pray with intensity and perseverance like a nagging widow or a man in need waking a sleeping friend. And we know that God fashions difficulty of every kind into tools that will mature us, increase our hope and holiness and His fame.

These basic truths aren’t mere static theology for us right now. They’re not words on a page. They’re the instructions and promises we cling to and remind God and ourselves of. These are the things we know for certain in this time of uncertainty and waiting.

While we wait for greater certainty regarding the kind of cancer Amy has, the treatment options and the prognosis, it’s more than a little comforting to have certainty of God’s presence and power and confidence in the effectiveness of our prayers.

Please pray with us – daily, with intensity, perseverance and faith.

Here’s a picture of Amy and Brian and their kids so you know who it is you’re praying for and with.

Thank you.

Amy and Brian Seay and family