Pray For Sophie

Bart Millard is the lead singer of Mercy Me, a songwriter and an advocate for children in poverty. And he’s also a dad.  Today he’s in an ICU praying his daughter through a very serious illness.

Please join me in praying for little Sophie.  And follow her progress through Bart’s Twitter page so we can pray more specifically together and celebrate her progress as it happens too.

When I found out about Sophie’s illness just now, it brought me back to a hospital room in Nashville where Gresham slept while a machine beeped and I laid my head on his bed and begged God for his life.  I’ve never prayed so hard for anything or been more thankful that the smart kids in class grew up to be doctors and nurses.  So I’m trying to remember what I prayed then for my child and pray that for Bart’s – as if she’s my own. I’m praying not only for Sophie’s full recovery,that she won’t be scared or in pain and for the endowment of wisdom and clarity to doctors and nurses.  I’m also praying for Bart and his wife, that they’ll be surrounded by their friends and community, that they’ll be the God-in-the-flesh comforters Sophie needs and that Bart and his wife will somehow get a good night’s sleep in a hospital recliner.  Please join me.

What can we pray for you?  E-mail me if it’s too personal to post.