Retirement Plan

My employees, all two of them, receive no benefits, no insurance with dental and vision addendums and whatnot.  That’s bad enough but they also don’t have a 401K or other source of retirement income.  But Brody has a camera now.  A fancy camera with lenses and a case and strap and stuff.  Such initiative.

If his behavior in South Carolina this past weekend is any indication, he aims to take lots and lots of pictures of life on the road – mostly mine.  For this reason: You see, Brody knows that a dead artist is a popular artist, especially if that artist, while alive, was not so popular.  He’s worth more dead than alive.  Once the artist has passed on, awards are awarded, songs are played on the radio, bloggers pay homage, and tribute albums are manufactured involving people who sort of knew the guy…or waved at him once while talking to someone much more important at an industry gathering of some sort years ago. 

And friends write books, with lots of pictures in them of the deceased artist – friends with cameras do this. They lift the veil on the artist’s private life, the gritty, poignant, human side no one ever saw.

I’ll be dead one day, young Brody reckons, probably before young Brody, he’s pretty sure, and young Brody is getting ready.  Again, such initiative.

With a jovial glint of preparedness in his eyes Brody has begun work on his retirement plan.  Here’s what he has so far.  What else would you like to see in the photo book written by the dead guy’s neighbor and road manager?