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I’m in Georgia – Geoooooorgiahhh – this weekend speaking and singing. I almost forgot I’m a singer – been a while.

While I’m away, check out the very best of the internet. And please leave a link to the stuff you love online!

A Great Paragraph

Donald Miller teaches us how to write a great paragraph: verbs instead of adjectives.

When I first started writing I made the mistake of thinking I should be descriptive. I’d envision every scene and describe things, the trees as tall as flag poles, the wind coming across the field like music and all that flowery like this and like that. But in truth, many of the great writers don’t describe much at all.

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A Fickle Lover

I’ve been blogging since 2005. Long enough to know how true these words from Sally Clarkson are…

“Social media is a fickle lover…Relationships were to be slowly simmering through seasons of shared time, work, love, seasons and years, with a knowledge that people would be in our lives endlessly through our whole lives without ever moving to another location.”

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It’s Not About The Nail

I used to pastor college students. There was some counseling involved. And it pretty much went like this…

Teaching Children To Fail

We model a lot of things for our kids. What about failure?

I love to succeed and I want my sons to succeed as well. In soccer, school, and in various projects, I’ve always wanted them to win. If you think about it, there are a lot of books out there that encourage me in this line of thought. “Live your best life!” “Raise good kids” “You can be victorious.” and on and on and on. But there’s not much talk about losing, failure, and messing up – where frankly much of my life is lived.

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How To Write A Joke

Because there’s nothing as unfunny as someone explaining why something is funny. And also because there are lessons here for all writers of anything: the power and difficulty of being concise.

Letter To The North American Church

Ann writes from Uganda…

You’re famished for More, for hard and holy things, for some real meat for your starved soul, some real dirt under your fingernails, some real sacrifice in your veins – some real Jesus in your blood and in your hands and in your feet.

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