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Headed to Oklahoma and Arkansas this weekend – kicking off the busiest March I’ve had in a decade. Pray me and my family through?

While I’m traveling, hope you enjoy this weekend’s round of Best Of The Net. Leave a link in the comments to your favorite corner of the interwebs. Thanks!

Built By Kids

Built by kids is a kid-focussed DIY site.

This site is a time-suck like no other. I stumbled onto it and – BAM! – an hour was lost learning how to make a gnome house in my backyard and turn a bunkbed into an AT-AT (yes, an Imperial Walker!).

OK, and there’s practical stuff here too like Lego storage ideas and plans for building a treehouse. But an AT-AT bunkbed, people! Wonder if I can make that king sized?

How To Get Along With An iPhone

Beauty That Moves shares her rules for sharing life with an iPhone.

She shares eight “rules” that now govern her iPhone usage because…

These steps have significantly reduced my cell phone use in recent weeks. Really, for me, it comes down to mindfulness. I was becoming aware of something in my life that was growing into a habit instead of its intended use as a tool.

Especially worth reading if you’re a parent. These rules could make us all better technology-using role models.

The Power Of Words

Changing the world by changing our words.

A good lesson for marketers, parents, preachers and anyone who communicates important messages regularly…and don’t we all?

Charity Non-Profit Watch

I’ve started a new Pinterest board where I’ll archive stuff I’m learning about the charity/non-profit world. I’d really like to get a masters in international development, but until then there’s the internet. So far I’ve pinned a video and an article that alert givers to some uncharitable practices some well-known non-profits are being accused of. And knowing that gives us better questions to ask an organization before giving them our time or money. Check out the new board.

Why Memorize Scripture?

This is a life-changing three minutes…

Hat tip to Ann. And, by the way, she just took a trip to Haiti with her whole family. Every post from Port au Prince is worth reading. Slowly. Here, here, and here.

What did I miss?

Leave a comment and tell us the best thing you ran across on-line this week.