Micah Watson Versus Matt Redman

I hire self-starting smart people with personalities I enjoy being around. I figure a person can learn a new skill, acclimate to a new work culture, get new processes down. But I don’t think I can teach anyone work ethic, problem solving and how to make me laugh sweet tea out my nose.

Micah was an easy hire.

Micah Watson is my road manager/booking guy. He handles all the details of my artist world outside of taxes. (That’s Becky’s job. Lucky.) He travels with me as well, handling all the logistics, making sure I don’t do something stupid…and making me laugh. A lot.

And lately Micah’s been on stage with me some too. He plays everything – piano, guitar, banjo, drums. And he sings complex harmonies effortlessly. Our two-man band will be on tour with Mark Shultz and Anita Renfroe starting next month. If you miss us then, you can catch our duet again on the Down Here: An Acoustic Advent tour.

Micah Watson and Shaun Groves

This January some mutual friends of ours are putting on a youth conference in Pigeon Forge, TN. I’ll be speaking. Micah will be leading the music. And between now and then I’m blogging on the conference’s website to get conference attendees prepared for our upcoming time together and familiar with all the staff who’ll be serving them.

Yesterday, I wrote about Micah on the conference’s site. Not Micah the road manager, booking guy, or half of a duet. But Micah the accomplished musician. And Micah the Matt Redman lookalike. And Micah the missionary kid from Jerusalem who is still passionate about missions. I even posted some of his music. Here’s a little taste.

Check out the entire post over at the Edge conference website.

Follow Micah on Twitter here and get in touch with him to book me here.