If We Move To Texas…

My in-laws from Houston are in town. Ten grandkids at a local hotel with Granda and Papa, at the over-chlorinated indoor swimming pool. Girls in one room. Boys in another. An evening meal at Cracker Barrel. Late night movie watching, eating candy, drinking Dr. Pepper – living like rock stars. For one Summer night. It’s a tradition.

And shopping.

Backpacks, shoes, haircuts, clothes…

“If you would just move to Austin,” Granda pitches to my nephew Nathaniel who wants to be a Longhorn, “you could go to the games and you’d be close enough for us to come visit when you have something important going on. We could see you more often!”

One of the kids then asks the question on the mind of every grandchild listening. “Would you still take us shopping every time we saw you?”

Presence or presents? This is the choice behind the choice to move.