August. So Here’s The Deal.

So, I thought I was going to be slammed this August. I thought I would be speaking at a bunch of music festivals for Compassion International. But there are many other talented artists and speakers doing the heavy lifting at festivals for Compassion this Summer so I’m sitting this one out.

I should go pour myself some sweet tea and hit the hammock for a snooze right?

Well, I’ve got a box in my garage full of kids who need sponsors. And I’ve got an empty calendar. So, naptime will have to wait.

So here’s the deal.

I’ll come speak or sing or both or teach a songwriting class or interpretive dance or whatever you want FOR FREE in August. All you’ve got to do is buy me a meal and one hotel room and let me ask the audience to sponsor some children and I’m yours for free. I’ll play some new songs. I’ll even take a shower and shave first. You’re worth it.

It’s easy to book me. Just head over to or e-mail us at [email protected] and let us know about your event.

Maybe your Sunday school class could bring me to your church and all of you could work together on promoting the night.

Maybe your pastor needs a break some Sunday in August and he’d trust me to fill in (I’m a substitute preacher at my church here in the Nashville area so I’m experienced at speaking on low-attendance Summer Sundays and grateful for the opportunity.)

Maybe your church is just looking for an engaging way to get folks thinking a bit about their purpose, about the world and our role in serving it. Well, I’ll do my best. And through you and me, who knows what God can do in your church and community and to the ends of the earth?

I’d sure be grateful for the chance to speak on behalf of children in poverty and a God who love them and loves us enough to let us be part of His plan for their life.

Get in touch. Don’t make me take a nap.