This Time Around

I always wrote thank you notes. I always said I was grateful. But this time around…

I’m releasing my first studio record in six years. (Six. Years.) And I find myself more thankful than ever for kind words, a link, a review, an interview request.

I didn’t think I ever took these things for granted before but maybe I did to some degree. I know I did to some degree. After such a long hiatus from making new music, well, I sure don’t anymore.

I want to be even more intentional about expressing this gratitude this time around. I’ll be filling the linkage page with blog posts, reviews, and whatnot about the new record. I’m ordering some new thank you notes. I’ve got my nice pen ready. I’m calling financial supporters to say “thanks.” But I sure wish there was more I could do.

Because this time around I know with greater certainty than ever before that “success” – however we define it – is not achieved alone, by one person – or by one person and a publicist and booking agent. Thousands will come together to sell this record, fill my calendar, and release many many children from poverty in Jesus’ name as a result.

Wish I’d been so grateful the first time around. Grateful for do-overs too.

Who do you owe your success to?